Guided Olympic National Park Hiking or Snowshoeing on the Olympic Peninsula

Two hikers wind around old-growth Western Cedar trees and Sword Ferns in an old-growth montane forest

Your Olympic experience is by reservation

Olympic National Park hiking, snowshoeing, wildlife-viewing, tidepooling, birding, or sightseeing tours are not scheduled, rather they are by reservation only.

We take your interests in mind when designing our day together so please guide us in knowing more about you!

Olympic National Park tours are customized, meaning that the timing is flexible, locations and activities are based on your interests, your guide’s local knowledge, the season, the time of day, and the fostering of good relationships. 

Skip to Hurricane Ridge Snowshoe Tours for information specifically on snowshoeing.

Hurricane Hill is pictured in the background as four participants stopping to pose while hiking on a snow-covered Olympic National Park trail at Hurricane Ridge

Olympic National Park Hiking and Snowshoeing levels

Vehicle-based (mostly sightseeing)

Easy (walking)

Moderate (hiking or snowshoeing appropriate for all ages)

Challenging (longer distance hiking or snowshoeing with more elevation changes)

You have the choice of selecting the level of your Olympic National Park hiking or snowshoeing experience.

An Olympic National Park hiker stands on snowshoes looking towards the Strait of Juan de Fuca at Hurricane Ridge in winter

In general, a moderate level Olympic National park hiking or snowshoeing experience in Olympic National Park will be in the comfort zone for most people.

Due to the small size of Olympic National Park  hiking or snowshoeing adventures, tours are flexible and can be adjusted as needed on the day of the tour to make sure the pacing works for you and the members of your party.

If you have members of your party at differing levels and one or more participants are not with the guide (due to a prior conditon, fatigue, or some other valid reason), they will be asked to sign out of ExperieceOlympic tours when they are not with the guide.

Two adult and one child hiking down on a trail bordered by yellow flowers with a hill and blue sky behind them

Novice Olympic National Park hiking and snowshoeing – easy or moderate

If you do not consider yourself a “hiker” and are concerned about your Olympic National Park guide staying in your comfort zone, remember that stopping to look at Olympic wildlife provides a natural break.

Toilet access – easy or moderate

Your Olympic National Park guide has friends and family who have never used a natural outdoor bathroom, and has no design to guide you into an uncomfortable situation.  Guided hiking and snowshoeing can be planned with toilet access in mind.

Keep these additional points in mind if this is an area of concern:

Olympic National Park visitor on a guided snowshoe hike raises her hands in joy with snow covered subalpine fir trees in the background

Avoid drinking coffee, tea or other beverages that might lead you to use the bathroom more frequently.

Stay hydrated by drink water before, during, and after hiking.

Your Olympic National Park guide will carry a trowel, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and plastic bags on longer distance hiking or snowshoeing adventures and will arrange for appropriate pit stops while on trail.

Experienced Olympic National Park hikers – Moderate or Challenging

Two Olympic National Park hikers smiling with the snowy Olympic Mountains in the background

Some of the most experienced Olympic National Park hikers can miss quite a lot of natural history and wildlife viewing opportunities. A fast pace, especially while navigating difficult terrain that leaves you fatigued, is generally not advantageous to viewing camouflaged Olympic National Park flora and fauna.

Read more details about your naturalist, hiking, and birding guide Carolyn Wilcox before making a decision concerning the merits of hiring an Olympic National Park hiking or snowshoeing guide.

Olympic National Park Weather Considerations

Destination, hiking level, or focus of an Olympic National Park hiking, snowshoeing, or sightseeing could change based on the weather. Generally, the natural elements and rain in particular will not impact our outdoor plans. In other words, we will hike in the rain or snowshoe in the snow. 

Read more about ExperienceOlympic tour gear that is provided to help ensure a safe and fun outdoor adventure for everyone.

Olympic National Park hiker going uphill next to a lovely subalpine meadow of red and blue wildflowers

Create a fun adventure for all ages and abilities!

You can select from a menu of Experience Olympic Tours or create a small, unique and customized ONP experience of your own by contacting us today.

Our snowshoe tours in particular will take both weather forecasts and avalanche conditions into account when figuring out how to best enjoy snowshoeing at Hurricane Ridge.  It is important for all participants to closely follow directions of ExpereinceOlympic staff in order to avoid cornices, tree wells, and icy areas. 

Sometimes a storm is more intense and we might decide to change our plans.  It is our goal not to reschedule or cancel tours and we carry various-sized emergency outdoor clothing on our tours with transit. Experience Olympic will work hard to:

Stay flexible.

Keep communication open about comfort zones for everyone involved.

Find alternative Olympic National Park hiking or snowshoeing options but reserves the right to change plans under certain weather conditions.

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