Sol Duc Falls Tour Include One of the Finest of Park Waterfalls

Sol Duc Falls, which is comprised of 3 chutes of water, blasts through the rock during spring snowmelt

Explore the headwaters of the Sol Duc River

Sol Duc Falls tours allow you to experience a beautiful old-growth Olympic National Park forest that includes the majestic Pacific Silver Fir and a profusion of huckleberries.  The year-round wild & scenic Sol Duc Falls is located on one of the eleven major rivers that drain Olympic. 

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Broad-leaved Marsh Marigold is a pretty white flower with a yellow center and circular to kidney-shaped leaves

Combine with the Hoh Rainforest

Only 1 hour (30 miles) out of the way roundtrip by vehicle if combining with a Hoh Rainforest elk and hiking tour

Skyward view of a huge Sitka Spruce tree surrounded by other tall conifers against a clear blue sky

Sol Duc Falls is spectacular

During the winter, spring, and late fall, the mighty Sol Duc Waterfall runs high enough to create a fog of water droplets.  However, even during summer low water flow, Sol Duc Falls is still a spectacular sight to view. 

A Sol Duc Falls tours offers more than a waterfall

Two girls sit barefooted on a boulder in a stream watching their father wade in the stream

Salmon Cascades is also located on the Sol Duc River, and this is a great place to watch anadromous fish like Coho salmon jumping in order to continue their journey upriver.  The hiking trails around the Sol Duc are as varied and interesting as found at Hurricane Ridge.  However, the trees are the view, not the mountains.

Close-up of a blue huckleberry, a common edible on Sol Duc hiking tours

Middle Elevation or Montane Pacific Silver Fir Forest

The middle elevation or montane forest is a worthy destination for lovers of old-growth forest.  Large old-growth Sitka Spruce trees hug the Sol Duc River and Big-Leaf Maples are laden with moss.  Sitka Spruce and Western Red Cedar gradually turn into Douglas Fir and Pacific Silver Fir as you climb away from the river. 

Close-up of the small delicate magenta spotted flowers of Western Coralroot on a stalk up to 50 cm

Hike to the Sol Duc Falls year round

During summer, wet conditions near the Sol Duc River allow for a luxuriant production of up to five different species of huckleberry or Vaccinium.  It is fun to sample the tart black, blue, and red berries with a knowledgeable naturalist guide.  During the fall, mushrooms start to spring up everywhere as the maples turn color among the evergreens.

Three separate chutes of water plummet over a rocky precipice, comprising Sol Duc Falls in August

Scenic Sol Duc drive all the time

Almost the entire length of the Sol Duc road is in Olympic National Park.  You quickly leave highway 101 in order to enjoy amazingly huge trees virtually hugging the twisty road adjacent to the Sol Duc River.  In the middle of the day in 2016, tour participants watched in amazement as an adult bobcat ran across the road in front of the Experience Olympic vehicle.  According to a field guide to place names of Olympic National Park, it is possible that Sol Duc is from a Quileute word meaning, “the people living at the place of the clear sparkling water.”