Viewpoints of Mount Olympus or Lake Crescent Hikes are Exhilarating

Inhale deeply, listen to the birds, and enjoy the journey through forest or high meadow

A stunning eagle-eye view of deep blue and vast Lake Crescent from the perspective of a hiker

A bridal veil waterfall causes the moss and ferns surrounding it to blow in the breeze and create misty conditions

Get up in elevation!

Viewpoints of Mount Olympus or Lake Crescent gives you a scenic journey and enchanting endpoint, perfect for your Olympic vacation.  The viewpoints highlighted in these hikes are not as frequently enjoyed by visitors to Olympic National Park.  A Mount Olympus hike or a Lake Crescent hike can be organized as a component of a longer day of touring as long as the parties are ready for a challenge.  The Lake Crescent hike is an 8 mile (13 km) roundtrip, while two shorter distance viewpoints of Mount Olympus hikes can be organized.

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A woman with a backpack stands smiling with wisps of her red hair gleaming in the sun and Mount Olympus and other Olympic Mountains gleaming in the distance

Extreme close-up of a blue flower with the green meadow blurred in the background

Great viewpoints of Mount Olympus from Hurricane Ridge

            Viewpoints of Mount Olympus hikes takes place on Hurricane Ridge and are available from roughly June to October (variable based on snow level) and are roughly 5 miles (8 km) roundtrip.  Different hiking options entail different levels of exertion.  If you organize your viewpoints hike after July, a more moderate level backcountry option is usually available that does not include switchbacks.  The viewpoints of Mount Olympus hike concludes with excellent views of Mount Olympus and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, including a better view of Mount Olympus than can be seen from the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center because you are about 1000 ft. (300 m) higher in elevation.

Two hikers sit to enjoy the stunning view of Lake Crescent from above, which is peeking out through the clouds

Superb viewpoint on a Lake Crescent hike

            Viewpoint of Lake Crescent hike is available all year and is under 8 miles (13 km).  Since Marymere Falls is only a short distance from our trailhead, we will first view this popular bridal-veil type waterfall.  Unlike the Viewpoint of Mount Olympus hike which leads you to around 6000 ft (1830 m) elevation, Viewpoint of Lake Crescent hike only leads you to 2400 ft (730 m) because we start from a lower elevation starting point.  On a clear day, you are afforded a view of not only Lake Crescent but also of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  The trail passes through old-growth and you transition to montane forest as well as rocky outcrops with beautiful wildflowers, mosses, and lichen.  The trail also takes you past many Pacific Madrone (Arbutus menziesii) trees with their shiny red bark and evergreen broad leaves.

An adult and young Mountain Goat are perched on lichen-covered boulders with blue clouds in the background