Epic Olympic Peninsula Hikes with ExperienceOlympic in the Olympic Mountains

An endemic golden Olympic Marmot peeks out from a wildflower meadow with some vegetation in its right hand and mouth

What is an "epic hike"

Hiking 8-10 miles (13-16 km) through the stunning Olympic backcountry as accessed from Hurricane Ridge is an exhilarating challenge.   A change in ecosystems such as from subalpine meadows to montane or lowland forests allows for an amazing Olympic Peninsula adventure.  Each of our epic Olympic Peninsula hikes provides you with ample time to enjoy amazing biodiversity from lichen to lupine.

What is a "thru hike"

A thru hike is one that you complete in one direction only. Epic hikes generally require less snow and longer days.  You do not need to be in excellent shape for most downward trending thru hikes but most people report muscle fatigue and soreness afterwards (so plan this hike towards the end of your trip).

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A close-up profile shot of the endemic Olympic Chipmunk as seen on an Olympic Peninsula hike shows how its coat goes from red to gray as you move down its body

An Olympic Peninsula hiker is smiling as she hikes on a narrow trail with pockets of snow and the Olympic Mountains spread out behind her

When should I book my epic hike?

In order to be considered "epic", it helps to have the Olympic mountains accessible and the odds of both accessibility and sunny weather are much greater from about mid-July to mid-September, sometimes into October. 

This is not to say that an epic Olympic Peninsula hike can not happen at other times of the year, it just means that weather should be considered as a factor when booking your epic hike.  We hope you will experience epic wildlife, trees, wildflowers, rivers, and lakes.

A mountain goat stands like a sentinel on a lichen-covered rocky precipice against a beautiful blue cloudy background

Olympic Peninsula hiker using hiking poles and following a small and narrow trail through a green meadow full of wildlflowers

Break out your hiking boots

For a hike of this distance, you ideally want hiking boots that have already been somewhat worn in.  Due to the changes in elevation and distance, epic hikes are recommended for those who regularly workout.  Epic hikes are great for novice hikers as long as you are the type of person up for a challenge and used to day-long exertion. 

A beautiful Columbian Black-tailed deer lying down in a green meadow still has her ears up but otherwise seems asleep

A once in a lifetime photography experience

Although epic Olympic Peninsula hikes are certainly challenging, more importantly, these experiences are rewarding.  We enjoy observing interesting drainages, wildflower patches, endemic plants, reflections, and shadowing.  A changing landscape based on subtle elevation and habitat changes results in different opportunities for plant growth and development.  One of our first participants on an epic Olympic Peninsula hike was so enchanted by his experience that he took almost 750 photographs (thank goodness for camera phones with a long battery life).

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An Olympic Peninsula hiker has her large camera connected to her chest and takes a moment to pose for a photo while enjoying the majestic Olympic Mountains