Transit to Port Angeles Washington and Ways to Get to Olympic National Park

Instructions for public and private transit to Port Angeles

Olympic National Park Tours with ExperienceOlympic, Port Angeles WA 98362 is providing this information in the hopes of encouraging you to visit us; however, we do not provide this service (scroll down for transit provider contact information). 

Transit from SeaTac Airport (through Seattle) to Port Angeles, Washington is generally at least a three hour trip.

When taking transit to Port Angeles Washington, remember to select lodging in downtown Port Angeles

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Direct public bus transit to Port Angeles (including Sunday service!)

Clallam Transit has implemented a much needed direct public bus service between Port Angeles and the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal (linked service to downtown Seattle) for $10 (only $5 for certain pass holders and youth).  The entire trip from SeaTac Airport to Port Angeles Washington will cost around $22 per person ($13 in the opposite direction because the return ferry trip is free).  Be sure to inquire about current adult fares, reduced fares for youth, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

The Stait Shot #123 Clallam Transit service (scroll down for the westbound schedule)!

Transit to Port Angeles: Step 1, SeaTac Airport to Central Link Light Rail:

SeaTac Airport Light Rail Station is connected to the fourth floor of the main parking garage: a covered pedestrian walkway that leads from the passenger terminal and sky bridges to the light rail station. There is a golf-cart like option as well, look for signs  The Central Link Light Rail connects SeaTac Airport to downtown Seattle, includes around twelve stops total, and runs about every 15 minutes so you do not need to consult a timetable.  Make sure you travel in the right direction on the light rail (towards Seattle).  The ride takes about 45 minutes so plan accordingly!

You cannot purchase tickets once on the light rail, so first buy a ticket from the ticket vending machine (accepts cash, VISA or MasterCard) on the Link train platform. The ride will cost around $3 per adult and $1.50 for youth (children under 6 are free). Other reduced fares appear to be difficult for travelers to access. Call Sound Transit at 888-889-6368 for more information.

Transit to Port Angeles: Step 2, Central Link Light Rail to Pioneer Square:

The Jefferson Transit PDF Document, "Port Townsend to Seatac/Seattle" provides instructions for travel between the Bainbridge Ferry and the nearest LINK (light rail) transit station.  Jefferson Transit has a customer service team that you can call for help - 360-385-4777 so I would follow their instructions first and call them if you run into problems!

Exit the light rail at the Pioneer Square Station. There is an exit to street level at 3rd Avenue and James.

Transit to Port Angeles: Step 3, Pioneer Square to Bainbridge Ferry:

You will have an approximately 0.3 mile (6 minute) walk to the Seattle – Bainbridge Island Ferry. When you are on 3rd Avenue, you want to be on the side of the street opposite the King County Superior Court. Locate James Street and head downhill, the street numbers will decrease and you will continue straight through the 2nd Avenue intersection.

You will dead-end into Yesler Way and continue in the same direction until you reach the water of Puget Sound at Alaskan Way. Walk north on Alaskan Way so that the water is on your left-side and you will approach a large building on your left side (a walkway over Alaskan Way leads into this building) with stairs to a pedestrian ferry waiting area where you purchase your ferry ticket(s) to Bainbridge Island.

An adult fare from Seattle to Bainbridge is around $9 and there is no return passenger fee (from Bainbridge to Seattle). Washington State Ferries take cash, credit, and debit cards. Reduced fares for youth, seniors, or persons with disabilities require proof (various forms of identification allowed) at the time of ticket purchase. Call Washington State Ferries at 206-464-6400 for further information.

Transit to Port Angeles: printable map directions for walking route

For a printable map of the walking route (described above) from Pioneer Square Station to the Bainbridge Island Ferry, go to Google Maps, click on “Get Directions”, click on the walking person icon, type in A) 3rd Avenue and James Street, Seattle, WA; B) Seattle Ferry Terminal.

Transit to Port Angeles: Step 4, Bainbridge Ferry to Clallalm Transit #123:

Make sure to check the ferry schedule (35 minute crossing) and the connection with Clallam Transit.  The ferries can run late and the bus will stick to the timetable so you might need to take an earlier ferry than scheduled to make your connection.  When the ferry intercom tells drivers to return to their vehicles – this is your cue to figure out where pedestrians disembark the ferry and immediately exit the ferry and board the Clallam Transit #123, also called the "Strait Shot".  If coming from Seattle, be sure you are looking at the "westbound" schedule - scroll down.

The adult fare is $10 and a $5 reduced fare will be available for youth 19 years of age and younger and pass holders.  The Strait Shot will take you all the way to the Gateway Transit Center in Port Angeles!

Higher-price: private transit (van or small plane) to Port Angeles

Ground Shuttle to Port Angeles:  Rocket Transportation (reservation only)

Rocket Transportation shuttles are not on a scheduled service. The shuttles arrive and depart based only on reservations.  Rocket recommends that you check the existing shuttle reservations for your specific date of travel prior to your Seattle transit booking (plane, train, or bus) to minimize your inconvenience in sharing transportation. 

One-way adult fares on Rocket will cost around $75 (10% to 50% discounts apply for travel companions and youth).  Roundtrip adult fares cost around $127 ($23 savings).  Fares change so contact Rocket Transit at 1-877-697-6258 or 1-866-486-7609 for current information and to make a reservation.

Air Shuttle to Port Angeles:  Dash Air (reservation only)

Dash Air Shuttle is slated to start what is advertised as 30 minute air service between Sea Tac and Port Angeles sometime in the spring of 2022.

Ways to get to Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park loop using public transit

Ella from Amsterdam used good planning in 2016 (including avoiding travel on Sundays) and public transit for her solo 12 days on the Olympic Peninsula by bus.  She spent 3 nights in each location:  Port Townsend, Port Angeles, Forks, and the Quinault Lodge (in that order).

Ella used county and city buses including Kitsap Transit, Jefferson Transit, Clallam Transit, Grays Harbor Transit, Intercity Transit, and Sound Transit for her loop around the Olympic Peninsula that started and ended in Seattle, Washington.  By focusing on what she termed, "slow travel", she had an amazing trip using public transit and touring Olympic National Park with Experience Olympic while she was staying in Port Angeles. 

Olympic National Park Using Public Transit

The Olympic National Park can be accessed by public transit routes to Lake Crescent (Clallam Transit # 14 bus from Port Angeles or Forks), Neah Bay (Clallam Transit #16 bus from Forks), La Push (Clallam Transit #15 from Forks or the Quileute Community Shuttle from Forks), Kalaloch - pronounced Clay-Lock - (Jefferson Transit's Olympic Connection from Forks), and Lake Quinault (Grays Harbor #60 from the end of the Olympic Connection route).

There are various ways to use Clallam Transit for an Olympic National Park hiking adventure or a Olympic National Park biking adventure, along with other ideas for things to do from Port Angeles that involve both Olympic National Park and other points of interest on the Olympic Peninsula.

Hitchhiking regulations in Olympic National Park

Since regulations can change, we have included links to current information that you can interpret for yourself:

Code of Federal Regulations (rule for all National Park Service lands):

36 CFR 4.31:

Click on the Superintendent's Compendium (scroll down to find section 4.31):

From SeaTac Airport, WA to Victoria, BC

Transit to Victoria: Seattle Pier 69 to Victoria, BC:

Victoria Clipper runs a high-speed passenger-only ferry from Seattle to Victoria, BC that departs Seattle from Alaskan Way at Pier 69. Prices fluctuate, especially seasonally so be sure to get a online fare quote.  Call Clipper Vacations at 800-888-2535 for tickets and more information.

Transit to Victoria: hotels within walking distance in Victoria

The Clipper ferry terminal (for Seattle) and the Blackball ferry terminal (for Port Angeles) are next to each other on Belleville Street in Victoria. Hotels in Victoria are a just short walk from both ferry terminals.

From Victoria to Port Angeles Washington:

Transit to Port Angeles: Blackball Ferry Line

Blackball Ferry Line runs decently-timed daily trips between Victoria and Port Angeles Washington during the summer, from approximately June 22 to September 5. The summer timetable would allow you to have ample time to visit for just one day. At other times of the year, it makes sense to spend the night in Port Angeles.

One-way fares for adult passengers will cost around $21. Call Blackball Ferry Line from Canada 250-386-2202 or from the U.S. 360-457-4491 to check the timetable and for more information.