Experience Olympic Guided Ecotour Options, Features, and Rates

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Tours Kid Friendly Hours with Guide Yearly Timing Elevation

Hurricane Ridge


7 - 8

May - October


3 - Parks



May - October


Hoh Rainforest


7 - 10

March - October


Tide Pools


7 - 8 for Salish Sea

7 -10 for Coastal Beaches

March - August


Elwha River


7 - 8

March - October


Cape Flattery


8 - 10

March - October


Sol Duc Waterfall


7 - 10

March - October


Three smiling participants hold yellow salmonberries up to their mouth while their smiling Experience Olympic guide cups more of the delicious berries in her hands

A smiling boy takes a moment to pose on a rocky shore while touching a Giant Green Anemone, causing it to close

Experience Olympic ecotour guide Carolyn Wilcox smiling while holding a large toad

Guide service minimum cost is $280 for the day

Book Carolyn Wilcox (pictured with toad)

As your own private nature guide for the day ($40 / hour)

If you have room to provide transportation for Carolyn in your vehicle and are well prepared to be outdoors, please consider our self-drive guide service. 

Self-drive guide service makes sense for safe drivers with their own vehicle, groups larger than 6 people, people with special needs, people with pets, or for situations when it makes sense to meet or drop off your guide outside of Port Angeles. 

The rate for guide service is forty dollars an hour with a $280/tour minimum. 

Carolyn can meet you any day of the week in Port Anglees or M-F in Forks to guide you better (environmentally) to Olympic National Park destinations.

OR if you want to drive separately or have Carolyn Wilcox drive (1-6 Participants)

Costs Based on the Distance to Each Destination from Port Angeles

Total Cost per Tour   Single Destination + An Out-of-the-Way Destination  

Hurricane Ridge


+ east of Lake Crescent

including 3-Parks


Elwha River &

Salish Sea


combine Salish Sea

& Elwha River (on-the-way)


Sol Duc Waterfall Tour


+ Marymere Falls (on-the-way)


La Push Beach Tour


Lake Crescent (on-the-way)

+ Hoh Rainforest $550


Hoh Rainforest Tour


Lake Crescent (on-the-way)

+ Coastal Beach $550


Cape Flattery Tour



+ Salish Sea (on-the-way)

Lake Crescent (on-the-way)


A young participant sits on an old-growth Sitka Spruce log communicating with naturalist guide Carolyn Wilcox

Our guided day tours with transportation, which are reserved by contacting us, include:

Experienced guide Carolyn Wilcox (pictured far right) and shared use of a spotting scope (same as guide service)

Transportation to and from lodging near downtown Port Angeles, WA (up to 6 people)

Personal use of binoculars* (except on beaches due to sand exposure)

General hiking tour gear use as needed*

Various-sized outdoor clothing use as needed*

* Personal binoculars and gear use for the day might not be available, or appropriate, for children age six and younger.

Side profile of a woman looking through a spotting scope at a herd of Roosevelt Elk in a Geyser Valley meadow

Tour Reservations and Guidelines

Reservations: Email Carolyn Wilcox with your travel dates at tours@experienceolympic.com and she will set you up with an intake form, which must be finalized at least 24 hours in advance of any booking. 

Be prepared to provide a credit card number as part of your reservation.  You will not be charged on your credit card until your booking date and can alternatively choose to pay with personal check or cash. 

Multi-day tours should be reserved on consecutive days.

A hiker winds up a small Olympic National Park trail with snow still lingering on lush green Klahhane Ridge

Rates:  Rates are in United States Dollars (USD).  Rates are either an hourly rate where the guide rides in your vehicle or for tours that include transportation in our spacious minivan.  We generally can not combine elements from these separate services (i.e. loaner gear such as binoculars are not included with guide service). 

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations should be made with Experience Olympic at least 30 days before your reserved date.

Hurricane Hill is pictured in the background as four participants stopping to pose while hiking on a snow-covered Olympic National Park trail at Hurricane Ridge

Guided Ecotour Hiking Levels

Vehicle-based (mostly sightseeing)

Easy (walking)

Moderate (appropriate for all ages)

Challenging (longer distance with more elevation changes)

Tips & Payment:  If our services went above and beyond your expectations, tipping is a great way to communicate your satisfaction.  Additionally, choosing to pay with a personal check or cash supports small businesses because the business does not have to pay any transactional fees.  For example, when you pay by credit card you are most likely paying the credit card company a larger percentage than we pay Olympic National Park (3%) for our commercial use authorization (CUA).

Close-up of a young participant kissing a yellow banana slug, where you can clearly see its tentacles, eyes, and pneumostome

Private Guided Tours:  Generally all our tours are private. 

Timing:  Guided tours do not operate on a schedule, rather they are by reservation only.   Start time is generally based on your preferences, sunrise, sunset, and tides in order to maximize wildlife viewing opportunities.  A typical start time from Port Angeles and Forks is 7 AM.  If we are traveling to the Hoh Rainforest, we must arrive earlier than 9 AM and generally can not combine tidepooling since the low low tide is usually also in the morning.  The timing of guide service for start/end locations outside of Port Angeles is based on Clallam and Jefferson Transit bus schedules and buses do not run on Sundays or holidays.

Two participants posing at Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park with waves crashing in the background

Peak Season:  Peak Season runs from roughly mid-May to mid-September on a yearly basis.  During peak season, please make your reservation by contacting us as far in advance as your plans allow to ensure guide availability.

Meeting Location:  Ecotours generally start and end near downtown Port Angeles but guide service to the Hoh Rainforest or west of Lake Crescent can start and end in other locations (such as Forks).

A couple using binoculars and looking for wildlife from one of the Cape Flattery platforms

Weather:  All guided tours operate under variable weather conditions.  However, destination, hiking level, or focus of Olympic National Park tours could change based on the weather. Generally, the natural elements and rain in particular will not impact our outdoor plans. In other words, we will hike in the rain.  We have led shopping trips to local thrift or retail stores for appropriate rain gear when necessary.  Read more about ExperienceOlympic tour gear to help ensure a safe and fun outdoor adventure for everyone.

Self-Drive Guide Service Vehicle Space:  Your guide will be traveling in your vehicle with you if opting for guide service so please make sure there is space for both the guide and a large backpack.

Olympic National Park hikers pose on a lingering snowfield at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park

Food:  Please either bring your food with you or we will stop at a convenient grocery store or restaurant.  Food costs are not included in the tour.  We will make sure to stop for food if you have not already shopped the night before.

Pets:  We can not transport pets in our vehicle.  Pets are generally not allowed on hiking trails in Olympic National Park.  Please arrange for Guide Service if bringing your pet (on a leash).

Olympic hiker going uphill next to a lovely subalpine meadow of red and blue wildflowers

Olympic National Park Entrance Fee:  Experience Olympic 's Commercial Use Authorization from Olympic National Park requires adult participants to pay an entrance fee (termed a "per person fee") unless a national park pass and identification (state driver’s license or passport) is presented by the participant to the fee attendant while on tour.  Participants should therefore bring a national park pass and identification or pay the entrance fee (credit card) at the time of entry while on tour.  A national park pass covers 3 additional adults traveling with the pass holder.  Children under the age of 16 are not charged the entrance fee.

Two hikers wind around old-growth Western Cedar trees and Sword Ferns in an old-growth montane forest

You Cover Olympic National Park Entrance Fees:  Experience Olympic tours do not cover entrance fee costs but we wish to assist you in navigating Olympic National Park's entrance fee structure because the fee structure is complex and fees have been increasing.  Keep in mind that there are still a few free days in the national parks scheduled for this year.

Outside the Park is Great for Birding, One-Day Excursions, or Budget Travel:  Amazing Olympic Peninsula destinations like the Salish Sea are not in Olympic National Park.  When we go bird watching, the best locations are generally outside the national park.  These "outside the park" locations may become important considerations if you don't already have a national park pass, only have one day to tour, and are on budget.

Lingering Questions:  Read over Experience Olympic Tours Frequently Asked Questions and then contact us

A herd of fifteen Roosevelt Elk relax in a subalpine meadow

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