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Olympic Peninsula Guided Tour Packages

Smooth Douglasia are early pink wildflowers seen in rock gardens at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park

8-Day Guided Wildflower Tour Package 6/5-6/12


We will experience botanical bliss as well as singing songbirds and wildlife wonders during our week together on the Olympic Peninsula.

Two Tufted Puffins swimming in the Pacific Ocean off the Cape Flattery viewing platform that overlooks Tatoosh Island where the puffins nest

8-Day Guided Birding Tour Package 7/10-7/17


Our timing coincides with our dry season, the start of shorebird fall migration, the height of breeding seabird season, and the tail-end of songbird vocalizations. 

A rock wall of common sea stars, seaweed, giant green anemone and more seen during a lowtide on the Pacific Coast of Olympic National Park

8-Day Guided Tidepooling Tour Package 8/15-8/22


We look forward to introducing you to tidepooling in the Pacific Northwest during this week of low tides.