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Guided Nature Tours in Olympic National Park

Two people hiking towards the camera on a narrow Olympic National Park hiking trail through two old growth conifer trees, a douglas fir and western red cedar

Savoring the biodiversity with nature lovers like you in the Olympic mountains, forests, rivers, and coast since 2013 

Four images.  Top left a hiker looking up Large Douglas Fir Tree.  Top right chocolate lily.  Bottom left giant green anemone in a tidepool. Bottom Right Bull Roosevelt Elk with large antlers

Olympic National Park Private Nature Day Tours may focus on

Guided Hiking - at a nature-loving pace or sightseeing

Guided Tidepooling - looking for sea stars at low tide 

Guided Bird Watching - for newbie bird nerds, listers, and everyone in between

Guided Elwha River Restoration - return of native Pacific Northwest salmon and so much more 

Private day tours are on a flexible schedule so contact us today to experience a guided tour to Hurricane Ridge, the Hoh Rainforest, Cape Flattery, and other must-see Olympic Peninsula destinations.

On all guided nature tours we will share knowledge and love for

native plants & ancient trees, birds, marine & terrestrial mammals and invertebrates, pollinators like bumblebees, the salmon life cycle, fungi & lichen, amphibians & snakes, and edible biology

With expertise in education, ecology, and conservation biology, we hope to provide safe, fun, and enriching outdoor experiences for everyone, including 

international visitors, children, older adults, immigrants, BIPOC, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ+, women, survivors, people with disabilities or limited mobility, and all those who have been marginalized and may be targeted because of who we are.

A woman with sunglasses smiles with snowclad mountains and a black-tailed deer browsing in a subalpine meadow
A Makah Elder with red and black regalia looks through a spotting scope towards Tatoosh Island and the lighthouse from Cape Flattery

We recognize that the Klallam, Makah, Quileute, and Hoh peoples have been caring for the land we visit since time immemorial.

A wall of purple, orange, and brown Common Sea Stars, Giant Green Anemones, and other intertidal animals colorfully decorate a large boulder during a low tide in Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is known as 'Three Parks in One' - Coast, Mountains, and Rainforest. Ochre Sea Stars and Giant Green Anemones dot boulders on the coast and are best observed on a guided tidepooling tour.

A male sooty grouse (formerly blue grouse) is hooting and displaying his yellow throat patch and spreading his tail like a peacock

The easiest location to view the Olympic mountains is at Hurricane Ridge. Sooty Grouse is one of our Pacific Northwest bird specialties that we can choose to seek out on guided birding tours.

Head and shoulder shot of a female Roosevelt Elk with a glossy brown neck and lighter brown face and body stands with mossy trees in the background

Olympic National Park was almost named 'The Elk National Park'. It is both an International Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site because of protected old-growth forest ecosystems perfect for guided hikes

Four people hiking on a small trail in the subalpine towards Hurricane Ridge and the snowclad Olympic mountains

Experience Olympic is a woman-owned and operated Port Angeles ecotourism company.  


Overnight Vacation Packages - Flowers, Birds, or Tidepools

In addition to our flexible scheduled private day tours, We are also offering overnight guided tour packages for 4 or 5 nature enthusiasts.

Wolves Can Help Save Adorable Olympic Marmots

The Olympic Marmot could receive endangered species status, is a prey of non-native coyotes but is likely too small to interest native wolves. 

How to Pack for Day Hikes and Backpacking

Our packing list is for hiking on the Olympic Peninsula to assist you in planning the best Olympic National Park vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have tried to answer some common questions in the hope that you will stay for at least one night in Port Angeles and hire us as your guide so you can ask us all the questions